Contacting Nion

Telephone:+1  or
11511 NE 118th St.
Kirkland, WA 98034
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Service and Support

These email addresses are monitored by several Nion personnel to help ensure your message is reviewed promptly.
  • If you need help with Swift installation or configuration: email
  • Otherwise, email
For immediate support with your microscope, please call us using either of the phone numbers above.

Phone menu:

When your call is answered, you may either immediately dial the extension you need (if known), or use the menu system to call all relevant extensions simultaneously. These are the menu options available:

  • 1. Service (sub-menu)
    • 1. Calling back during remote operation
    • 2. Operation assistance
    • 3. Hardware problems
    • 4. Software failures
    • 5. Other
  • 2. Accounts and administration
  • 3. Production and design
  • 0. All other enquiries